A WOMAN who says she was raped in her home came faceto- face with her alleged attacker in court and received a warning for screaming at him.

Judge John Walford warned the woman about her behaviour after the outburst, seconds after she entered the witness box at Teesside Crown Court.

The woman yelled at the accused, Keith Robertson, and shouted, “you liar, you’re a liar” towards him as she was cross-examined by his barrister yesterday.

She appeared to take exception to some of the questions from defence lawyer Brian Russell, who suggested she consented to parts of the sexual activity.

The woman admitted kissing with Mr Robertson as they shared drinks at her County Durham home, but vehemently denied putting her hand down his trousers.

She said she ordered the 51- year-old to stop when “his hands started wandering”, but said he pinned her facedown on the living room floor and raped her.

A jury was told that Mr Robertson, known as Jake, got up and left when he was ordered out of the woman’s home in the early hours of May 1, last year.

Some time later, he called police saying the woman’s son was outside his house in Thomas Street, Shildon, with a baseball bat accusing him of rape.

In an interview, Mr Robertson admitted giving the woman love-bites and said they touched one another before she suddenly said: “You’ve just totally raped me.”

He said he left the house when asked to, but insisted no other sexual contact had happened.

Shaun Dodds, prosecuting, said a medical examination carried out on the woman could not determine whether intercourse had taken place.

Under cross-examination from Mr Russell, the woman denied concocting “an utterly ridiculous account” and being extremely drunk and unable to remember what happened.

She accepted drinking more than four litres of what she described as “lethal” Frosty Jacks cider, but denied going out to buy another three-litre bottle and sharing that.

Mr Robertson denies a charge of rape. The trial continues today.