A DOG trainer wants to reopen an animal rescue centre that has been closed for two years – but needs investors to help buy the £725,000 property.

Aaron Malcolm, from Darlington, was the former kennel manager at Ramshaw Rescue Centre, near Bishop Auckland, but left a year before it closed.

The previous manager moved away from the area two years ago, and while the house, called Low’s Garth Farm, is occupied by a tenant, the rescue centre is no longer in operation.

The four-bedroom farm, which comes with 30 acres of land, private woodland, stables, kennels, a tack room, cattery, paddock, pasture and meadow, is for sale for £725,000.

Mr Malcolm, who trains dogs but is unemployed, said there was a demand for a rescue centre in the area.

“The rescue centre, when it was open, was good, but not brilliant – and I want to bring it back and restore and improve its image,” said Mr Malcolm, 28.

“Since I left the rescue centre I have had other jobs, but that one was the one I really want to do. I have a passion for it – I don’t actually mind getting up at 7am on a weekend to clear dog muck up.

“There is definitely a need for a rescue centre in the area and I would make sure it was a success.”

Mr Malcolm said he was confident of finding investors to make his dream a reality.

“I know it is a big ask, a very big donation, but I think there will be someone out there, or a group of individuals who could come together, who would be interested in it.

“They might be interested because they know they are helping a good cause or just because they would have a secure investment in bricks, mortar and land.

“Even if I have to go round shaking a tin and asking for 10p from people until I reach £725,000, I’ll make it happen,”

he said.

Mr Malcolm said the centre would be run as a non-profit organisation. Anyone who can help Mr Malcolm is asked to call him on 07971-128256.