IT was a case of hurry along as newly-married Matt Peacock rushed his bride straight from their wedding to meet a Doctor Who lookalike at a shopping centre fun day.

Dr Peacock, a lecturer in Roman history at Durham University, met a David Tennant lookalike, toured the Time Lord’s famous police box and met a Dalek called Boris the Exterminator at the Prince Bishops shopping centre, in Durham, yesterday – only minutes after marrying his fiancee, Linda, in a ceremony at Durham Castle.

But the new Mrs Peacock, 39, took it all in her stride, saying: “It’s mostly him who likes Doctor Who, but I enjoy it too.

“Matt saw a sign advertising the event on his way to work. I thought ‘Yes, bring it on’, it’s going to be such an addition to the wedding photos.

It will be, ‘there’s the bridesmaids, there’s the Dalek’.”

Dr Peacock, 35, used to run Oxford University’s Doctor Who society. The couple, who live in Gilesgate, Durham, met in Ireland.

They returned to Durham Castle for their wedding reception and will honeymoon in the Lake District.

The Doctor Who event was the latest in the Prince Bishop’s shopping centre’s Summer Sundays programme, which runs throughout this month.