Lyn Miles, who championed the region's future as a centre for green industries, has died.

Ms Miles, the chief executive of Consett based glass firm Romag passed away on Friday after a long illness.

John Kennair, Chairman of Romag, said: "It is with great sadness that I have to report the death on Friday, 4th June, of Lyn Miles.

"Lyn worked for Romag for almost 30 years and was instrumental in bringing Romag to the position it is today, continuing to be active in the business throughout her long illness.

"She will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

"For the time being I will be more active in the business, supporting the very able management team so skillfully nurtured by Lyn."

Romag has been at the forefront of photovoltaics - solar power-with a training centre in the process of opening on site.

Speaking last year Ms Miles said renewable industries, also including wind power and electric vehicles, offered great opportunities for the North-East.

She said: "I do believe that the prospect for jobs in the region, if you really embrace the various technologies related to renewables, are good and they are what I would call good quality jobs.

"With good quality jobs you have people wanting to come to the region and as part of the economic development of the North-East it is an opportunity that would be criminal to miss."