A LIFE-SIZE bust of a British music icon has been made out of Lego bricks.

Darlington student Justin Ramsden says he used more than 3,000 bricks to construct the model of Amy Winehouse.

The 19-year-old, who is enrolled on a foundation art and design course at Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College, in Darlington, spent two weeks working on the sculpture in his spare time.

Mr Ramsden, who is a member of the Brickish Association (adult fans of Lego), decided to use Winehouse as his inspiration for a self-initiated project on British Icons.

He said: “I really like Lego. It’s a different medium to express my art.

“I like the fact that although it is all bricks and angular, you can still create curves and artistic designs.”

Mr Ramsden, who hopes one day to work as a designer for Lego, is now building a scale model of Barclays bank in Darlington’s High Row out of the building blocks, for the Art in the Yards project in the town.