KIND-HEARTED Sue Sleightholm has taken her third litter of foster puppies into her home in six weeks.

Mrs Sleightholm, from Redcar, east Cleveland, is one of the foster carers for Saltburn Animal Rescue Association.

As one of the carers, she always has a house full of puppies over Christmas.

She took in the first litter of six rottweilers and German shepherds after they were found wrapped in a blanket and dumped by a beck in Middlesbrough.

About two weeks ago, another litter of six pups, this time cross-breeds, were handed to Mrs Sleightholm.

And last week, she took in another two unwanted cross-breed pups.

The pups will remain with the Sleightholm family over Christmas until permanent homes can be found.

Mrs Sleightholm said: "The puppies are fine and they are part of the family already."

The charity, which began ten years ago with only six members, now has more than 200.

The organisation has raised £300,000 and is looking for suitable premises to create a sanctuary in the east Cleveland area. The organisation always needs carers and permanent owners for the animals they look after.

The group will try to look after any animal, but usually looks after cats and dogs, with about 30 of each currently in carers' homes.

Mostly the animals it cares for are strays, but the group said it would consider any circumstances.

Anyone who can help with the group's work is asked to call (01287) 201005.