A SPURNED lover who caused £67,000 worth of damage to a bus depot by setting it alight as a display of his "burning love" was jailed for two years yesterday.

Steven Profit, 22, caused massive damage at the Kimberley Coaches depot in Prudhoe, Northumberland, when he lit a rag during a rage about the break-up of his relationship with Danielle Hall.

Newcastle Crown Court heard that just before the fire, he sent a text to his former partner, saying: "If you look out of your window in about half an hour or so, you might be able to see the smoke of my burning heart. Ha ha. xxx."

As the flames took hold, he sent another, saying: "This is a dedication of my burning love to you. Look out of the window and you might be able to see smoke, or watch the news tomorrow."

Just before firefighters arrived to start a three-hour battle to control the blaze, he sent another, saying: "Well you can't say you did not hear that explosion. It has just echoed down the Tyne. I am far away from it now. Love you. x."

The court heard how three buses, an Astra van, a Honda pickup and a tow-truck were damaged or destroyed.

A total of £28,000 worth of damage was caused at the premises, the owner lost out on £13,028 in earnings by closing for repairs and the company's insurance premiums increased by £36,000.

When police viewed the text messages, Profit was arrested and said he caused the blaze through "just anger or hate".

Profit, of Fallowfield, Leam Lane, Gateshead, admitted arson at an earlier hearing.