THE death of 14-year-old Toni Hannant was yesterday blamed on an unknown adult who dismantled a section of security fence next to the railway line.

Fencing had been illegally removed near to the spot where the teenager lost her life, probably to provide a shortcut to the nearby beach.

"Whoever is responsible for breaking that fence is responsible for Toni's death," said British Transport Police Operations Inspector Cameron Young.

He said adults must think of the consequences of their actions and realise they were setting a bad example to youngsters.

Inspector Young revealed that investigations into the accident indicated there had been a group of young people inside the boundary fence last Friday night.

At one point, just before 6.30pm, he said, Toni and two other girls had decided to go back along the line to go to the toilet.

Inspector Young said it had been a dark and windy night, and they had not heard the train.

Two of the girls had managed to get to one side, but Toni had not managed to get out of the way.

Referring to the breached fence, he said it had been repaired on earlier occasions but was normally well maintained and the site was not considered to be a trespass hot-spot.

He also said there had been a makeshift den on the sidings, which could not be seen from nearby houses.

He confirmed there was a footbridge further down the line and a farm crossing.

Inspector Young added: "We are visiting schools on a full-time basis and we have specially-appointed officers who are working closely with local police and fire officers to inform children of the dangers they face if they play on railway lines."