A NURSERY school is planning a section for babies as young as six weeks old, for new mothers who want to go back to work.

Up to nine places will be provided, complete with cots, in the new unit at Green Lane Nursery in Barnard Castle.

It will accept children up to two when it opens in the new year, and some may stay for the whole school day.

Christine Bell, manager of the nursery, which takes boys and girls aged three to five at the moment, said yesterday: "We feel there is a need for places for babies. A lot of young mothers have to get back to work as quickly as possible after their babies are born, but they can't do this if there is nobody to look after the young ones."

New mothers are invited to visit and say what facilities they would like to see, before the equipment is bought.

Mrs Bell added: "I've had two children of my own, so I understand how to look after babies.

"But we will welcome any remarks from young mothers as they know more about modern needs and facilities."