THE business that created Ozzy Osbourne's latest gong is gearing up for growth as it relaunches as an online company., which was established nearly 60 years ago as Dussart's Trophy Centre, has MTV and the BBC among its clients.

It has moved to a new location in Darlington to make the most of its local client base of sports clubs and businesses. moved to Northgate, in the town centre, in August and specialises in supplying and engraving trophies and awards, for events and sporting occasions.

Brian Waddington and Micheline Dussart, the husband-and-wife team behind the company, are hoping the location will attract local sports clubs and businesses into the showroom to support the already-successful Internet site, which has developed an international client base.

The company is an official supplier to the BBC and has attracted business from sporting organisations such as the Inter- national Cricket Council and the Nigerian Pool Federation.

Black Sabbath rocker and reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne features among a high-profile list of trophy recipients after being named one of MTV's Ultimate Wonders of the World.

The business was set up by Jacques Dussart in 1947 as Northumberland-based Dussart's Trophy Centre.

After it built up a region-wide reputation, his daughter, Micheline, eventually took over the business in 1984, and after marrying Mr Waddington, moved the company to Darlington.

Mr Waddington bought the website name in 1998 and the site went online in 2003.

He said: "We wanted to maintain the excellent standards set by Dussart's, while bringing the business up to date.

"We felt the Internet would provide the perfect platform to showcase Dussart to a worldwide audience."

The couple opened a shop in Post House Wynd, Darlington selling engraveable gifts and hand-made jewellery, running the trophy business from the same premises.

But while the trophy business continued to be a success, the gift shop did not take off as planned, so in August the couple decided to move away from the town centre, and concentrate on the trophies.

Mr Waddington said: "Having realised that the trophy and engraving side of the business was more viable than the retail shop, we decided to concentrate our efforts in this area and expand the business to a wider audience.

"We realised a move away from the town centre would save us rent and overheads, while providing the room to expand.

"We also wanted to accommodate a showroom to encourage local business, aside from the e-commerce site."

The couple were advised by Business Link Tees Valley on the move, which helped them to secure a grant towards equipment, allowing the business to provide a wider range of promotional products, including branded T-shirts, key rings and pens. is hoping to take on more staff in the next six months to help manage the growing business.

The couple are also developing another e-commerce site,, providing a range of personalised gifts.

For more information about Business Link, call 0845 600 9006.