People aged between 16 and 23 are being targeted for vaccinations against mumps, measles and rubella - as the diseases are on the increase on Teesside.

Posters have been displayed around college campuses and letters have been sent out to all students informing them of the immunisation sessions.

There is concern that they may not have been immunised when they were infants.

Peter Kelly, director of health improvement and public health for Middlesbrough Primary Care Trust, said: "Cases of mumps and measles are increasing among our young people in Middlesbrough, Redcar and Cleveland.

"We want to protect young people from these diseases by immunising them with MMR."

Two MMR vaccinations are needed for proper protection. All of these diseases can have serious complications.

Mumps can lead to meningitis and infertility, measles can lead to severe pneumonia and brain damage and rubella can cause severe problems for unborn babies if caught during pregnancy.

The campaign will be launched with vaccination clinics at the Middlesbrough College, Marton Campus, tomorrow and will also visit Acklam 6th Form Campus, Longlands Campus, Kirby Campus, Kings Academy, Macmillan College, St Mary's 6th Form and Cleveland College of Art and Design this month.

To find out when school nurses will be visiting your college, contact Carol McArdle, School Nursing Sister for Middlesbrough PCT on (01642) 300628. For more information about the MMR vaccine visit