A WRESTLING contest comes to Shildon next month as several bouts are held in the town.

Wrestle Zone Wrestling (wZw) returns to the Civic Hall with its new show, Breaking Point, after five successful previous events.

Local fighter Iceman, from Bishop Auckland, will take on the heavyweight champion Highlander, from Glasgow, in the inaugural Hell's Playground match.

The fight features mystery boxes in each corner of the ring, with weapons in three and a key in the other, which will unlock the title belt suspended above the ring.

The first to get the belt wins the match, but both men are tied to each other via a steel chain.

There will also be tag team matches, singles matches, and the wZw inter-promotional title will take place, featuring the 25 stone, 7ft Tron, from Northern Ireland.

The show is held on Friday, October 14 and doors open at 6.30pm, for 7pm.

Tickets are £5 and are available at the Civic Hall box office on (01388) 774838.