YOUNGSTERS will be able to combine karate chops and boxing moves with music at a new keep-fit course.

The six-week Team Combat course starts at Coxhoe Leisure Centre on Thursday, aimed at young people between the ages of six and sixteen.

The hour-long classes, led by qualified staff, start at 5.30pm for children aged six to 11 and at 6.30pm for children aged 12 to 16.

Although the courses are being introduced at Coxhoe initially, they are expected to be expanded to all Durham City leisure centres in the new year.

Helen Stockport, the council's physical activities co-ordinator, said: "Team Combat is a real fun class with exciting warm ups and cool downs to great routines and games.

For more information on the classes contact Helen Stockport on 0191-301 8208.

"It's a creative way to get youngsters active by using games and activities based on different boxing and martial arts styles whilst retraining the discipline that is associated with martial arts.

"The classes take place in a non competitive environment which is safe, creative and fun."