A WEEK-OLD puppy was dragged from her kennel and stamped to death by thugs.

Owner John Walker discovered the terrier puppy, which was so young it had not even been given a name, when he visited his allotment.

The thugs had also taken a ferret from its cage and let it savage two cockerels and six hens.

The attack happened at allotments in Boldon Colliery, South Tyneside.

Mr Walker, 55, said: "This is the fifth or sixth time something like this has happened in the last few years."

RSPCA inspector Michelle Charlton said: "Unfortunately, this kind of thing does happen where animals are left unsupervised in allotments.

"People can be very cruel and very silly, and although these attacks are infrequent, we have seen them before.

"Hopefully, the police have been able to gather evidence from the scene and the perpetrators can be tracked down and prosecuted."