The Sage Gateshead is launching a new series of concerts especially for the whole family next month.

Northern Sinfonia starts the series at 11am on Saturday October 1, introducing young children to the orchestra.

Composer John Woolrich's new piece Come and Go guides the young listener through a breathtaking musical landscape.

Next comes The Carnival of the Animals, on Saturday October 22, and Bizet's Jeux d'enfants, on Saturday November 12.

On December 1, a whole room in The Sage Gateshead will be turned into a giant harp.

This is an extraordinary project, in which silk strings with paper cups at either end are stretched taut.

The ensemble, led by the mastermind behind the project, Japanese composer Kazue Mizushima, play the Stringraphy with their whole bodies in balletic movements, rubbing or plucking the strings.

Tickets are priced at £6 for adults and only £3 for children. Box office: 0191-443 4661.