A DIABETIC twin boy's life was saved by his quick-thinking brother and sister.

Daniel Sharkey, 11, started to lose consciousness at his Middlesbrough home while his mother was out walking the dog.

In the scare, on Saturday, Daniel's face went grey and he was frothing at the mouth as a seizure took hold.

His little sister, Lauren, eight, called 999 and Daniel's twin, Dean, told her what to tell the switchboard as he found the diabetic equipment needed to bring his brother round.

He then ran out in his boxer shorts to alert a neighbour and find his mother.

Paramedics, who arrived soon after, administered life-saving medicine.

"They are two little heroes," said their mother, Helen. "Daniel had started jumping, then he went grey and froth started coming out of his mouth. They saw the full-blown fit, which they had never seen before.

"Obviously, it shocked them but the commonsense they had between them was brilliant."

Lauren said: "I just dialled 999 to get an ambulance but passed the phone over to Dean because I wasn't sure what to say.

"It was a bit frightening."

Dean said: "The lady at the other end of the phone was telling me to check Daniel's breathing and was talking to me until the ambulance arrived."

Daniel said: "I'm really grateful to my brother and sister for keeping their cool."

Daniel and Dean are both diabetic and two years ago the roles were reversed when Daniel helped to save to his brother's life after he fell in to a hypoglycaemic coma.