CRISP maker Walkers is closing one of its factories and moving some of the production to a plant in the region.

Walkers, which is owned by PepsiCo, is closing its factory at Swansea, in South Wales, with the loss of 250 jobs.

Manufacturing of products such as Monster Munch and Wotsits will transfer from Swansea to Walkers' other factories, including Peterlee, in County Durham, and Coventry.

Walkers said it was too early to say if jobs would be created or transferred to Peterlee, which employs 450 people.

A spokeswoman said: "The reason why we are closing the Swansea plant is to make the production of our snack products more cost-effective.

"As such, production will move from Swansea to a number of our other, larger manufacturing sites that are closer to our distribution centres - including Peterlee.

"This closure is not a reflection on sales or performance at Swansea.

"Our priority over the next few weeks is to talk to everyone who works at the Swansea plant, and discuss whether they wish to relocate to one of our other sites, including Peterlee."

Walkers president Martin Glenn said: "In today's increasingly competitive environment, we have to operate as efficiently as possible to ensure the continued success of our business.

"Everyone who works at the plant will be offered jobs at our other sites."