FIVE retailers in Darlington have joined a campaign to rid the town centre of litter.

The businesses have signed up to the borough council's Food On The Go voluntary code of practice.

The code details restaurants' responsibilities for litter, including having enough bins, keeping shop fronts clean and encouraging customers to dispose of rubbish properly.

It also asks restaurants and takeaways to think about limiting the amount of rubbish they create by asking if customers want a bag, not handing out unnecessary flyers and leaflets and organising litter picks.

The latest five retailers to sign up are the Spar shop, in Duke Street, and The Diner, in the covered market, as well as McDonalds, Marks and Spencer and Crusty's Caf, in Northgate.

Councillor Stephen Harker said: "It is good that more traders are being responsible about rubbish and litter."

The council's anti-litter campaign is supported by The Northern Echo.