A MILKMAN's daily deliveries to hundreds of homes in the Crook area has earned £800 for a cancer charity.

Dairyman Anthony Gray and his team from Sunnydene Dairies joined people all over the country in Macmillan Cancer Relief's Million Miles Challenge last May.

The few steps they take to each of their 1,200 customers' doors mean they easily covered the required mile several times over.

Clients came up with most of the sponsorship and Mr Gray, 33, and his wife, Paula, made up the extra few pounds to reach their £800 total.

He said: "All I had to do was to put sponsor forms under the milk bottles. The customers did the rest. Even though we only walk short distances, it soon adds up."

Elvi Soira, the charity's fundraising manager for County Durham and Wearside, said: "When we issued the challenge, we realised that milkmen were covering at least a mile every day.

"Anthony was one of the most successful in the North-East and we hope he will take part again."

Mr Gray, of Scafell Gardens, Crook, was joined in the challenge by John Alderson, John Pearson and Andrew Pearson.