A UNIVERSITY has introduced the latest crime-fighting technique to deter thefts of its equipment.

Durham University's information technology service has marked its computers and other equipment in its classrooms and lecture theatres with SmartWater - a liquid which, while invisible to the naked eye, shows up under ultra-violet light and cannot be removed.

A chemical built into the water gives it a unique signature which identifies property as belonging to the university.

Dave Thornton, of the university, said: "The installation of this new security system is in addition to the physical security measures that we take.

"It has taken just three weeks to mark all our equipment at both the Durham campus and Queen's Campus, Stockton.

"Although security is excellent at Durham University, we believe that this new invisible marking system will deter potential thieves further and that, in the worst case scenario, if our equipment is stolen, it will aid its speedy recovery."