A TRESPASSER broke into a housing complex with the intention to steal - but got away with only two Weetabix biscuits.

Vincent Baker, 20, carried out "the most unusual burglary" when he broke into accommodation in Darlington Arts Centre and wandered into two unoccupied rooms and the cleaning cupboard.

Darlington Magistrates' Court heard how residents in the 22-room block knew there had been an intruder after finding a used cereal bowl in the building.

Police were called after Baker, of Ayresome Road, Darlington, was discovered in the building.

Baker admitted one charge of trespass with the intention to steal, but asked magistrates to take two further counts into consideration.

David Maddison, prosecuting, said: "He (the resident) went into one of the rooms that would normally be unoccupied. The door was open and in the middle of the room he could see some clothing with something that looked like blood on it and a cereal bowl that had been used.

"There was no sign of a disturbance and, when Mr Baker was arrested, he made full and frank admissions."

Baker said he had gone into the premises with the intention to steal what he could find, but could only find cereal in the unoccupied rooms, which only contained a bed, desk and wardrobe.

Michael Rayner, for Baker, said his client had not caused any damage.

"He admits he was looking for something to steal, but there was nothing," he said. "He had entered rooms that were unlocked, so made no attempt to force the doors, and helped himself to two Weetabix from the cleaner's room. This really is the most unusual burglary."

Magistrates sentenced Baker to a community punishment order which requires 60 hours of unpaid community work.