A WOMAN smashed a family's living room window as part of an ongoing neighbour feud.

Claire Mary Whaley, 19, admitted causing the damage only seconds after the occupant and her children had left the room of their Darlington home.

Darlington Magistrates' Court heard that the two families had a history of bad relations, and one September evening, words had again been exchanged.

Whaley, of Bartlett Street, also admitted breaching a conditional discharge, but claimed she was provoked by her neighbour, who allegedly shouted abuse at her.

David Maddison, prosecuting, said the victim was in her front living room with her children when there was a banging on the door.

"When she looked out of the window she saw Miss Whaley and her step-father outside. She went to phone the police and took her children into the bedroom. Then she heard a loud smash, which she realised was her window being broken," he said.

Alan Green, mitigating, said Whaley had been provoked.

Magistrates fined Whaley £100, and ordered her to pay £50 compensation for the broken window and £34 court costs.