TRAINING courses will be tailored to fill worker shortages under a three-year plan.

Courses in customer care, first aid, team building and communication skills, child care, e-business, hospitality, foreign languages, maths and English will all be on offer in the plan drawn up by North Yorkshire County Council's education service.

English courses for speakers of other languages will also be available for the increasing number of foreign workers.

The plan, which has been approved by the council's executive, but is still to be sanctioned by the full council, expected to be on October 26, outlines moves to monitor and improve education offered and will lead to the appointment of extra staff and "learning champions".

Councillor John Fort said: "This is a tremendously exciting time for post-16 and adult education.

"We have a real opportunity to lift the skills of people living in North Yorkshire, which will benefit their lifestyles, help local businesses, and boost the prosperity of the region.

"Learning is a lifelong process, which is stimulating, enjoyable and rewarding.

"You are never too old or young to learn, and with our latest plan, we are confident of getting this message over to the public.