A WOMAN is searching for the father she has not seen since she was a child.

Stella Smith's father, Henry Day, left home in the early 1970s after splitting up with her mother, Linda.

She is now trying to trace Mr Day or any of his relatives, who she believes could still be living in the Darlington area.

Mr Day, who was also known as Harry, was born to Frank Evered and Mary Catherine Day on November 8, 1933.

They lived in Garden Place, Darlington, before his mother died when he was eight and his father remarried.

He then moved away from Darlington and grew up to marry Mrs Smith's mother in Nottingham, in 1968.

Mrs Smith said: "My dad was away a lot as he was a lorry driver but when he was at home he was brilliant and I loved him to bits.

"It took me a long time to get over my dad leaving and I missed him terribly.

"Sometimes the pain was so bad I used to think my heart would break."

Anyone who has got information about Mr Day or any of his relatives can contact Mrs Smith on (07990) 787114