VILLAGERS have raised concerns about a police spotter plane flying low over their homes.

People living in Middleton St George, near Darlington, say although they support the use of the plane in catching criminals, they believe it should not need to fly directly over their village.

The plane, which is based at Teesside International Airport, responds to incidents in County Durham and Cleveland.

Members of Middleton St George Parish Council were told that a complaint about the plane has been received from a woman in the village.

She said the plane had flown over her house at 4.10am and had nearly 'lifted off my roof.'

Parish councillor John Sterling, who is also a member of the Teesside Airport Consultative Committee, said the plane had been flying back from Trimdon.

"A lot of people have said they are being bothered by the plane and although we have never complained when the plane is looking after the village, it should not need to fly low when it is on its way back from other areas."

Coun Sterling told the council that a dossier on low-flying aircraft in the area has now been completed and is being sent to the Civil Aviation Authority, John Prescott and Tony Blair