THE most uplifting of farm diversification schemes has gone global in more ways than one.

Farmer's wife Sally Robinson launched her online business Ample Bosom from a North Yorkshire barn a year ago.

As its name suggests, the business specialises in supplying bras, particularly for the fuller figure.

Through the hi-tech magic of the Internet, she now has a grateful clientele in places as far away as Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

And following some TV exposure, she has now found another source of supply - a manufacturer in New York which produces even bigger sizes.

"We had to go further afield to fill our niche market, and the New York company e-mailed me after I was featured on TV," said Sally from her base at Old Byland, near Helmsley.

Ample Bosom sells bras in all sizes - A-J cup and sizes 30-56 - but the unusual sizes are the core of the business.

And Sally is now so busy running the operation that husband John does all her old chores on the farm.

"He doesn't mind. He thinks its quite exciting but he sticks to the farm and I concentrate on this business," she said.

Sally originally launched her business with the help of a £7,500 farm diversification grant, organised with the help of North Yorkshire County Council.