THIS dramatic-looking saloon could be the shape of things to come at Nissan's award-winning factory in Sunderland.

The Nissan Fusion concept car gives some clues as the what the new Primera family car will look like in a few years time.

Company bosses reckon the new look will help Nissan entice buyers away from the latest Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall's Vectra.

Chief designer Stephane Schwarz said: "Imagine a car; a familiar, practical car, but imagine it covered in snow. Think about how the snow softens the lines of the car and distorts its shape. That's what we are trying to achieve with Fusion."

Tiny TV cameras are fitted to the doors instead of wing mirrors, and the door handles are touch-sensitive. The Primera has been a big success for Nissan's North-East workers, consistently voted the best car in Europe.

Factory bosses are planning a 24-hour shift system in a bid to boost productivity further and win the next generation Micra.

Nissan has faced criticism that its previous designs were too conservative. Dull looks were one of the reasons given for the previous Almera's failure to find widespread favour with buyers.

The Japanese giant's link-up with Renault has led to more adventurous designs in the past year.

Although the Fusion's full length glass roof will not grace the next generation Primera, many of its other features are expected to make the grade.