ESTATE residents are celebrating the slapping of anti-social behaviour orders on three youths found to have caused repeated nuisance and intimidation.

The orders, which are the first to be issued by magistrates in Gateshead, were obtained jointly by the police and Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council.

Steven Scott, 18, from Pensher Street East, Gateshead, and Steven Neesham, of Bensham, were banned from entering the Chandless Estate and causing harassment, alarm or distress for three years.

David Pope, 16, of Cloister Court, Gateshead, was banned from causing harassment, alarm or distress to residents of Gateshead for four years.

Magistrates ruled that the youth could be named, in the interests of the community. The magistrates heard evidence that gangs of youths, which included the trio, had, over a period of time, been hanging around the estate causing damage and intimidating residents.

Gateshead East police Chief Inspector Steve Fear said: "This demonstrates that we will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in Gateshead."