A SCHEME to encourage children to walk to school has been given the thumbs-up in Darlington.

Walk to School Day was celebrated at the beginning of last month, and schools in the town were asked for their thoughts on the event.

Pupils from Dodmire Junior School were positive about it, and said they had enjoyed it.

Gemma Chantelle Willie, said: "Walk to School was good because it meant that I walked for fun as well as the knowledge."

Another pupil at the school, Hannah Jameson, said she enjoyed Walk to School Week because "you see your friends on the way and you can see all types of things".

Other pupils from schools such as Harrowgate Hill Infant School, Heighington CE Primary, Mowden Infant, Mowden Junior and Abbey Infant Schools said they thought it was a good idea because it woke them up on the way to school, it was good fun, got them fit and there were no cars parking outside the school.