A SIX-YEAR jail term imposed on a Newcastle burglar who preyed on the elderly to feed his heroin addiction was not a day too long, London's Appeal Court ruled yesterday.

Mr Justice Longmore said the sentence on 25-year-old Paul Paton, of Linden Avenue, Fenham, was severe, but justified for a type of offence which is known to be prevalent in the North-East.

The victim of one burglary was a 91-year-old partially-sighted woman, and another had chronic hearing problems.

In another burglary Paton, posing as a gardener, conned his way into the Sunderland home of an 81-year-old man in August last year and stole £1,200 of property from the pensioner's bedroom.

Dismissing Paton's appeal Mr Justice Longmore said: "When one considers the horrific nature of these offences for old people who find their homes invaded and property stolen, six years is by no means manifestly excessive."

Paton was jailed at Teesside Crown Court last January after admitting five burglaries.