THE appeal for surgery to treat a North-East youngster now stands at £100,000.

The family of Hope Elliott, five, of the Red House Estate, in Sunderland, launched the appeal at the end of October to raise £35,000 for the first pioneering operation she needs.

Internationally-renowned reconstructive surgeon, Professor Ian Jackson, is due to perform the operation at Guys Hospital, London, in March.

The money was raised in weeks, but cash still rolling in and may fund further surgery.

Hope has cystic lymphovenous malformation, a build-up of cysts on her face and throat that restricts breathing and strangles her facial nerves.

Her mother, Bernadette, said: "If someone had told me this would happen six weeks ago, I would have said they were crackers.

"I am lost for words. When we got the first £35,000 for the first operation I was speechless, but this is just incredible.

"If there is money left it will go to help other children like Hope who cannot get the treatment they need on the NHS.''

Donations for the Hope for Hope Trust Fund can be made at any branch of Lloyds TSB