A CANNABIS smoker who used a wood around a field to smoke joints, told a murder trial jury that he saw two people arguing on the night a man was shot dead.

Matthew Fryer climbed into the Kirkleatham Showground, in Redcar, on March 18 intending to go to a den where he smoked cannabis.

He told the jury at Teesside Crown Court that, as he headed towards the den, he saw two people arguing. While he was in the den, he heard two loud bangs about two seconds apart.

Bryan Scott, 26, of Charles Street, Redcar, was shot dead on the showground that night.

Anthony Bottrill, 41, of High Street West, Redcar, denies murdering Mr Scott and making a threat to kill Dean Taylor.

Yesterday, Philip Alexander, a forensic scientist who specialises in firearms, told the court Mr Scott was shot with a shortened shotgun.

The gun was held at a distance of not less than 2ft and not more than 5ft.

Mr Scott suffered two shotgun wounds.

The court had heard previously that Mr Scott had been involved in a drug deal and had spent his last day worrying about getting money for a deal.

The case continues