STADIUM Packing Services is setting the standard by introducing revolutionary new green technology to cut wastage.

The Gateshead-based firm was the first company in the UK to use the Greenweld process, pioneered in the forests of New Zealand, to finger-joint short lengths of wood into longer pieces, to make previously unusable waste viable.

Stadium has cut timber wastage by 50 per cent in the last year by using the process, and already it is attracting interests from other local firms wanting to use the process.

Finger-jointing bonds timber from short lengths to form longer lengths of high quality wood, by cutting wedge-shaped fingers into the ends of the pieces to join them.

Martyn Pullan, divisional manager for Stadium, said: "Greenweld will enhance timber use in the UK, because it allows the removal of weaknesses like knots and the new adhesive works on wet and seasoned timber."