A CLASSIC car is being offered as a reward for the safe return of a family pet.

Sunderland bus driver Dennis Stothard says he will part with his 44-year-old Ford Anglia 100E saloon, worth about £1,000, if border terrier Bridie is found.

Bridie, who is four, has been missing for about a week after slipping out of the gate to Dennis' home in Alverstone Road, Farringdon.

Dennis was particularly upset because the sand-coloured bitch made her escape while he was working on his car.

His wife, Anne, said: "We couldn't stay angry with Dennis for long because he was as devastated as the rest of us that Bridie is missing.

"And I think he feels guilty because he left the gate open, even though it was for just a moment.

"To put the car up as a reward is a big thing for him.

"The Anglia was his dream car and he had been after it for years before buying it.

"But it just shows how much he cares about Bridie.''

Anyone with information about Bridie is asked to call the Stothards on 0191-552 0206