"WHO ate all the tofu? Who ate all the tofu?"

When it comes to healthy eating, Newcastle United fans are top of the league, according to a survey.

No mince pies or gravy and chips for figure-conscious followers of the Toon Army. If the findings of the survey are to be believed, they would rather rather tackle a salad.

But the healthy diet goes out of the window when it comes to beer. Magpies' supporters score high in the drinking stakes, alongside fans supporting Leeds and Everton.

The Geordies are also the most likely to go on caravan holidays, the survey on the lifestyle of Britain's soccer fans found.

The research is on sale to businesses at £500 a time, detailing the habits of supporters of 11 Premier League and Scottish Premier League sides.

The idea behind the study is to help advertisers decide which clubs they should target to sell their goods.

Last night, Newcastle United fans were sceptical about the survey's findings.

Mark Jensen, editor of the Newcastle United fans' magazine, The Mag, said: "The amount of food Newcastle fans chuck down their necks, they must be the healthiest in the country.

"Then, I suppose, they go on their caravan holidays to get over each season.

"If you ask people a particular question, then you can get any answer you want."

Middlesbrough and the Magpies's bitter rivals, Sunderland, were not included in the survey.

But Sunderland fan Geoff Thompson, from Durham, said: "Newcastle fans must be healthy eaters, because they are always eating humble pie."

The survey also found that Aston Villa fans were least likely to buy anti-perspirant; only 31 per cent of Manchester United fans were from the North-West of England; and Tottenham Hotspur had the most fans who were earning £50,000 or more a year.