A school being built in Derwentside is likely to be powered by a wind turbine.

Plans have been put forward for a 20kw turbine at Catchgate Primary School, near Stanley.

Earlier this year, Durham county councillors approved the £2m plans to build a replacement school on the Blackett Street site of the existing school.

The council's planning committee will be recommended to approve plans for the turbine.

Cassop Primary School has a 50kw turbine that provides its electricity, and sends any surplus into the National Grid.

Durham County Council is committed to using renewable energy where it can.

The site is exposed and windy, and was identified as being suitable for the wind generation of electricity in the council's renewable energy strategy.

The turbine will have three blades and be placed on a 15- metre high column at the corner of the playing field.

Surplus electricity will go to the National Grid.

Head of planning John Suckling said there had been no objections from residents.

The turbine would be close to allotments, but 200 to 250 metres away from the nearest houses.