A TEENAGER born with walking problems has been voted a dancing queen.

Champion of the dance floor, Leonne Campbell, 13, was born with a dislocated hip and was introduced to dancing as a toddler in a bid to improve her coordination and help her to walk in a straight line.

A pupil at Huntcliffe School, Saltburn, east Cleveland, she has conquered her condition to win first place in both junior tap and modern championships at national level.

Leonne's mum, Elaine, said: "We are absolutely delighted and proud of her, though we were not expecting it. She has been dancing since the age of three, but only seriously for the past three years.

"When she was born she had a dislocated hip and has had all sorts of problems with her hips coming out," she said, adding, however, that this problem gave Leonne the benefit of being very flexible around the hips.

"There was a time she could not do a simple courtesy and was so clumsy and uncoordinated. But she is very confident, and her confidence has carried her through.

"Three years ago, we sent her to summer school in the hope of putting her off dancing, but she came back enthralled. It had the adverse effect."

Trophy-winning Leonne, who is a twin, has been attending the Justine Kavanagh Theatre School for the past three years and would love to follow a career in dance.

Leonne's twin, Elise, who also dances, said: "It was lovely to see her do so well and a just reward for all her efforts over the years.'