A Redcar war veteran is appealing to the conscience of thieves in the town who stole a valuable possession from him.

John Ramsey, of Pennine Crescent, served on the battleship HMS Rodney during the Second World War, and takes parts in veterans' parades and marches throughout Europe.

But he was closer to home when his treasured 15-year-old Canon camera went missing while he was taking part in a commemorative parade in Redcar's High Street.

The camera was a Christmas present from his wife, who died 11 years ago, and Mr Ramsey said it holds a lot of sentimental value for him.

But it is the film which was in the camera which Mr Ramsey is more keen to find. The film featured pictures of a recent veterans' reunion he attended in Normanby.

Mr Ramsey, who has reported the theft to the police, said: "It means a great deal to me - I just hope someone hasn't thrown the film away. I am hoping that if anybody who has the camera or the film has a conscience they will return it."

Anyone with information can call our Redcar reporter Lucia Charnock on (01642) 480397 or return the camera or film to The Clarion offices in Queen Street, Redcar.