A COUNCIL is poised to deliver more of its services electronically as part of a Government directive.

In December last year, Middlesbrough Borough Council completed its Information Age Service Strategy, outlining how services could be adapted to embrace new technology.

Since then, the Government has issued instructions to each local authority asking them to take further steps to develop their own e-government strategies.

It has set targets for electronic service delivery, indicating 25 per cent of services should be electronic by 2002, and 100 per cent by 2005.

Now, with the help of its new strategic partner, Hyder Business Services, Middlesbrough council is to develop and implement the national strategy.

In a report to the public access scrutiny panel, due to meet next week, Joanne Dewar, the head of information and communication technology, says: "It is crucial that e-government as a concept is pursued through to delivery as this will enable data/information to be shared across agencies, the development of truly one-stop shop approaches to service provision and the sharing of facilities to enable effective citizen access."