A DRUG dealer told a murder trial yesterday that he got a shock when police rang the mobile telephone he used.

Cannabis dealer Ian Pretty said he wondered how they got the number.

The telephone was then ditched for another, he told the trial of a man charged with the shotgun killing of alleged Redcar drug dealer Bryan Scott.

Mr Pretty said that the number that the police were interested in was a communal telephone used for drug dealing on a Redcar estate.

It was initially in the hands of another dealer, Stephen Butterfield, he told Teesside Crown Court.

But when he tried to discuss the police interest in the phone, Mr Butterfield refused to talk.

Anthony Bottrill, 41, a martial arts instructor, of High Street West, Redcar, pleads not guilty to the March 18 murder of Bryan Scott, 26, of Charles Street, Redcar, who was shot twice in the back at the Kirkleatham Show Ground, near Redcar.

The trial continues