Woodland Lakes at Carlton Miniott attracted the biggest entry for their Sunday Open 106 competitors but Saturday's event produced the best match weight of the weekend.

A rise in temperature encouraged carp to feed and Map Elton's Andy Waistell bagged a stunning 83.10.0 to more than double the runners-up net.

Pulling out fancied peg 21 on Partridge Andy suffered a slow introduction working the pole at seven metres and drip feeding a few grains of sweetcorn but when the carp arrived they were of a good stamp. Specimens averaged three to 4.0.0 and it was 'a fish a chuck' towards the end.

In contrast team mate Lindon Roberts feederfished maggot on the opposite bank at peg four and accumulated 40.4.0 from A. Dargue (Darlington Angling Centre) 37.4.0 and T Neesham Ripon 36.15.0.

Then on Sunday West Park's Bert Poole enjoyed a big pay day recording 46.4.0.

Split between Kestrel Partridge and Skylark Bert pulled out corner peg Skylark 19 and fished straight out over the ledge at 13 metres. Alternating maggot and corn carp were soon responding up to 6.0.0.

Runner-up Darlington Angling Centre's Richard Wright included carp up to 8.0.0. in his net of 39.3.0. Drawn on the red hot peg 21 on Partridge long pole and corn tactics proved most effective.

Others in the frame: J Allerton (Tri Cast Elton) 34.14.0; D Allott (Calder Angling Supplies) 30.6.0.

Best of the midweeker on Wednesday, Newman Scott's Bill Blythe kept up his impressive form gaining a convincing win off Skylark 11. Waggler and maggot approach just 20 yards out and only half a pint of loose feed tempted mirror carp to 5.0.0 making for 46.3.0 from Dave Harris Cleveland (Angling Centre) 23.3.0.

l Woodland Lakes - Tel: 01845 526110

On the Oaks Fishery at Sessay the opening match on their new match lake Maple was an instant sell-out.

Stocked with thousands of small carp action was non stop producing a staggering 50 double figured weights.

Maple's first winner was Ripon's Graham Lowery who pushed out 12 metres on the pole and maggot off peg 27 in order to reach the island and was rewarded with a rapid succession of carp under the pound for a super haul of 57.8.0.

Pushing the winner all the way was Map Elton's Paul Taylor returned 55.14.0.

Paul needed 14 metres to keep in contact with the shoal and caught on both maggot and corn off peg 29.

Best of the rest: P Cowan (Helperby) 48.6.0; M Calvert (Cleveland Angling Centre) 44.13.0; D Wright (Harrogate Angling Supplies) 43.15.0.

l Oaks Fishery Sessay - Tel: 01845 501321

Quality carp were the order of the day on Moor Monkton's Carpvale Pool and in milder conditions the method feeder proved deadly for Steve Howard of Headingley Angling Centre who drew peg six during Sunday's Open.

Casting tight to the island on double red maggot on the hook nine carp up to 7.0.0 succumbed for 38.12.0.

Venue expert Dave Wright had to take a backseat, finishing next with eight carp for 32.8.0 using a nearside approach on the pole to bread and corn.

l Carpvale Pool - Tel: 01904 738249.

Hot favourites pegs 22 and 21 decided the pecking order on Horseshoe Lake during the Raker Open at Wheldrake.

Barnsley junior Jamie Wild on 22 opted for pole and maggot at 14 metres and in a late match burst 18 carp to 4.0.0. pushed him well clear on 27.6.0.

Meanwhile on the adjoining swim Armley's Len Swain had to venture out 16 metres for his carp net of 23.2.0.

l Raker Lakes - Tel: 01904 448793

The Ferryhill Angling Club Junior Fly Fishing Competition set for Saturday, March 17 at Sharpley waters Seaham has been cancelled due to the outbreak of foot-and-mouth.

Jubilee Lakes Redworth Darlington - open as normal. Telephone: 01388 772611.

Fishing starting to pick up plenty in the 6 - 9.0.0 range. Derek Snowball of Winlaton had the largest specimen of 12.4.0 which fell to a green fritz followed by George Sidgewick of Middlesbrough 12.1.0 on a black fritz.

Hares ear, pheasant tails, damsels most popular at present.

On Sunday, March 25 Andy Murray will be on site from Hardys - anglers are most welcome