A businessman plunged 3,000ft to his death after his parachute failed to open.

Colin Graham, 23, was killed on only his fifth jump after both his canopy and reserve chute failed, an inquest heard.

His instructor relived the moment Mr Graham plummeted to his death at the Brunton Aerodrome, near Beadnell, Northumberland.

Expert parachutist Tim Andrewes told the inquest he had seen the tragedy through binoculars.

Mr Graham's main parachute failed and a smaller guide chute is thought to have jammed the opening mechanism of the emergency reserve after it was prematurely deployed.

The inquest heard that Mr Graham, from Newcastle, was left with no means of escape as he plunged to the ground.

Coroner Ian McCreath heard that there had been rigorous safety checks before the Cessna 182 flight from the Border Parachute Centre on November 26, last year.

Recording a verdict of accidental death, Mr McCreath said it would never be clear exactly what had caused the fatal failure