Fans of glam rockers Roxy Music are boycotting the band's reunion tour after frontman Bryan Ferry championed fox hunting.

A group of women admirers, who have worshipped the singer since the group's 1970s heyday are furious at his support for the blood sport.

The singer, whose son Otis, is an assistant whipper-in for the Middleton Hunt, near Malton, North Yorkshire, stood up for the pre-hunt Countryside Alliance and described the pastime as "an endangered way of life" which binds communities together.

But Roxy fans Vicky Hartley, Karen Dupley and Sarah Lancelot, all from York, were unaware until now of the star's controversial stance and apart from refusing to go to his three Northern concerts are demanding back the £100 each has forked out for tickets.

Vicky, 39, is stripping her home of the Bryan Ferry memorabilia she has collected over the years and said yesterday: "If we had known our idol supported such a barbaric sport we would not have bought tickets."

The friends have asked the Nottingham venue for refunds but have been told they cannot have their money back. Nevertheless, they will not be going to the concert.

A spokesman for the reunion concerts promoter, LD Publicity, said: "Bryan Ferry has never taken part in a hunt. He is supporting his son in his line of work, that's all."