A Darlington soldier is back home after a six-month tour ensuring that vital comunications systems were kept running in Bosnia.

Cpl Lee Haase, aged 19, of 16 Signal Regiment, the Royal Corps of Signals, was based in Banja Luka as part of the British contribution to the NATO-led multi-national stabilisation force.

British soldiers have been working hard to ensure the future peace of the country through regular street patrols and deliveries of vital aid to those living in remote communities.

He said: "I've been in Bosnia before, but I was doing patrols then - this time I was working in the network control centre.

"We do two different rotas and we can travel to other places, but I haven't had much contact with the local people."

The former pupil at Darlington Carmel school joined the Army in 1997 and has served in Germany, Macedonia, Kosovo, Italy, Croatia and Austria.

He said: "I joined because I wanted to get a trade when I left school."