LAND on a Sedgefield industrial estate should be made available for development, according to councillors.

Sedgefield Town Council members say that at least one firm on the Salters Lane estate is unable to expand, because of the lack of land.

Councillors on the community development committee said they feared there was a risk of businesses being forced to leave the village.

They are seeking a meeting with Sedgefield Borough Council to urge the use of the undeveloped land on the estate.

Members also hope to arrange a meeting with town, borough and county councillors to try to resolve problems of access to Durham Road in the village.

Whitehouse Drive residents have complained about access difficulties due to parked vehicles and the use of the road by articulated delivery lorries.

The committee also expressed concern that the tourist potential of Sedgefield is not being fully realised.

A meeting is planned with Northumbria Tourism to get advice on how they can help to develop the tourist potential of the village and immediate area.