BUILDERS in the region are being warned that porches need planning permission following a protracted row.

After a porch was built at a property in Rydal Avenue, Redcar, it was discovered that planning permission had not been sought, and a retrospective application was submitted to Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council.

Neighbours complained to the authority about the size of the porch and argued they could no longer see their children playing outside and were concerned because of their loss of view.

Members of the council's planning committee visited the site to see for themselves the dimensions of the porch, which is more than three metres high and two metres wide, and were shocked to discover the porch had been built without planning permission.

Councillor Dave McLuckie said he was surprised the builder had built the porch without consulting the council for planning permission but said he saw no problem with the porch itself.

Councillor Vera Moody added: "I don't want people to get the impression they don't require planning permission."

The committee decided that the porch was not a problem as it fitted in with similar developments in the neighbourhood and allowed it to remain.