WE have been going to East Barnby, a residential centre run by North Yorkshire County Council, near Whitby, for the past four years.

All the juniors set off one Friday night, and, on arrival, we meet the man who will be looking after us, and are shown into our dormitories.

After we are all sorted out we get into a minibus to go to Robin Hood's Bay. Or we do another activity - last year we went orienteering.

When we get back, we get our pyjamas on and go up to the dining hall for supper.

The next day, if you are up early enough, you can go for an early morning jog with Steve Bailey, our super-fit headmaster

When we are all ready we go for breakfast. Then we play a bit, until our packed lunches are ready. Later, we go on a five-mile hike to Mulgrave Castle.

When we are on the hike we go through the woods, play pooh sticks and make shelters. Once at the castle, we eat our lunches.

The hike ends at Sandsend, where we get an ice cream and go for a paddle in the stream leading to the sea, and play on the beach.

Some go back to the centre in the minibus, and some go back in cars.

After tea, we play games in the dining hall.

On Sunday, we do a chore, then we have breakfast before getting all our things packed up, ready to go.

We collect our packed lunches and say goodbye. Then we go to Whitby and buy gifts for people. After lunch, we go home.