A GROUP of teenagers have been looking beyond their classroom walls - and reaching for the stars.

Sixty 15-year-olds at Northallerton College have spent six weeks investigating questions about space as part of their science course.

They will present their findings at a half-day exhibition, Shooting Stars, at the college today.

The exhibition, which is being held as part of National Science Week, shows how the students worked on a research question, ran practical tests, and used the Internet and other resources to develop their material.

The students measured the "greenhouse" effect with soft-drink bottles, made a model of the solar system, investigated volcanoes on Mars and even looked at the possibility of aliens in space.

They also had to produce a presentation of their work to a group of older students and staff.

Head of science Alastair Martin, said: "The students responded well to the project, which was designed not only to develop an enquiring mind, but also a range of other skills."