DEVOTED soccer fans have travelled 21,000 miles following their team - and still have not seen them play.

The Newcastle United-mad Americans, who have travelled thousands of miles to see their heroes, will complete an unwanted hat-trick on Saturday.

The Newcastle fans had tickets for a Southampton game, which was postponed in February, and they had to go home before the Liverpool clash after it was put back a day for Sky Television last November.

Now, after travelling across the world for the third time, their attempt to see their first match at St James' Park has been thwarted by Arsenal being in Manchester for the FA Cup semi-final against Spurs.

Jimmy Whited, 30, who lives in New York, said: "We must be the unluckiest fans in the world.

"We have planned the trip for months and were combining it with a friend's stag party.

"Anyway, we still got a weekend in Newcastle. We'll spend most of our time in The Strawberry pub next to the ground.

"Even if we can't see Newcastle play, we'll at least be close to the ground."