"AND now the moment everyone's been talking about," announced the BBC man.

No, not the date of the General Election or the end of the of the foot-and-mouth crisis. What the nation wanted to know was Who Shot Phil?

The answer, revealed last night on BBC1, didn't come as that much of a surprise as most followers of EastEnders had already worked out the would-be assassin's identity.

It was Lisa "who dunnit", as I predicted yesterday - you'll forgive me saying I told you so.

The cry went around Albert Square: "Phil's back". But his front was more of a problem.

"You don't look too well. Do you want a cup of tea?" asked Lisa, finding him on the doorstep after he discharged himself from hospital.

We knew something was wrong - Phil was smiling.

The Mitchells are not known for their merry countenance. Snarling, yes. Smiling, no.

The pleasantries had an air of unreality. "It's nice to see you," said Lisa. "It's nice to see you too," replied Phil.

Lisa's explanation for shooting him was simple. "You humiliated me," she said before - and you may regard this as Lisa's weak spot - she pleaded with him to give their relationship another go.

Only the arrival of Mark, not so much the cavalry as Dad's Army, saved the day.

Crime does pay in soaps. An attempted killing can be strung out for months.

Just because we now know who shot Phil doesn't mean that's the end of the affair. Far from it.

He's vowed to use the shooting to get rid of Steve and Dan, while telling Ian: "I'll be paying you a visit".

"What are you going to do?" asked Mark. "Wait and see," replied Phil menacingly.

This story line will run and run and run.